Unchained Interoperability

Uniting Web2 & Web3.

Kima Network is a cross-ecosystem money transfer protocol that enables seamless and secure TradFi/DeFi interoperability without smart contracts.


Unifying all financial

not just blockchains.






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Imagine any
use case.
Kima has that.

Kima’s unique protocol sets a new modernized interoperability benchmark for the existing outdated interoperability industry

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   _RWA Atomic Swaps

   _RWA Atomic Swaps

RWA Atomic Swaps

Enable universal distribution through atomic swaps and DvP (Delivery versus Payment), utilizing any type of asset, on any ecosystem, including fiat from bank accounts.

   _Payments   _Payments

   _Payments   _Payments


Enable seamless payments with any asset, including fiat, ensuring a smooth checkout process for every customer.

   _Wallet   _Wallet   _Wallet

   _Wallet   _Wallet   _Wallet


Elevate your crypto wallet by empowering users to effortlessly transfer assets between different chains without ever leaving the wallet interface.

   _DeFi Lending   _DeFi Lending

   _DeFi Lending   _DeFi Lending

DeFi Lending

Enhance your lending platform's liquidity by enabling users to supply assets from many chains without the hassle of bridging.

   _Gaming   _Gaming   _Gaming

   _Gaming   _Gaming   _Gaming


Let players use their digital currency effortlessly in-game, while keeping the focus on fun, adventure and earnings.

   _NFT Marketplace   _NFT Marketplace

   _NFT Marketplace   _NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Diversify any NFT experience by allowing enthusiasts to purchase unique digital assets on one chain using funds from another chain.

   +_Others   +_Others   +_Others

   +_Others   +_Others   +_Others


Unlock endless possibilities with Kima's versatile protocol, designed for innovative cross-chain financial solutions beyond what's imagined.


_Kima’s tech.  _Kima’s tech.  

_Kima’s tech.  _Kima’s tech.  

Next-gen blockchain infrastructure.

Chain-agnostic distribution of Real World Assets (RWA)


With $280 trillion in real-world assets on the brink of digital transformation, Kima will play a pivotal role enabling cross-ecosystem asset-agnostic trade and distribution in a seamless
and much more secure way

Diverse range
of blockchains, ledgers, and TradFi systems


Kima's ability to support EVMs, non-EVMs, and private chains, as well as its ability to connect to traditional banking information systems, makes it an invaluable tool for achieving interoperability with existing financial infrastructures, effectively addressing the issue of market fragmentation.

Interconnecting fiat & crypto rails & ramps


Kima offers a solution to the challenges of lacking integrated fiat-crypto gateways. By providing a direct 1:1 value exchange through its API, Kima eliminates the need for centralized, risky entities like exchanges, supporting seamless transactions in any currency, whether fiat, crypto, or stablecoin.

New level of efficiency for cross-border payments


Kima's tech enables fast, affordable, and secure international transactions. By leveraging its robust blockchain infrastructure, we ensure that these payments are faster, more reliable and transparent, significantly reducing the complexities and fees compared to traditional payment methods.

Uncompromising Security

Unparalleled Asset Agnosticism

Built-in regulatory complience

White-label Solution

Blockchain-managed funds

Liquidity without bridges

Smart contract-free

Web2 API integration

How the magic

Let’s build together.


Truly extensive blockchain support.








Polygon zkEVM




Binance Smart Chain










What others
say about Kima.

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Kima Finance offers an interoperability model for efficient, secure financial transactions across diverse asset classes using its unique blockchain, without smart contracts, which enables blockchains to "speak" to each other and to traditional banks.

As DeFi builds a more stable and sustainable foundation for the industry, a greater focus is on infrastructure projects like Kima, which provides tools and interfaces to link DeFi with traditional bank accounts and credit cards.

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...Kima's network is a promising solution for facilitating seamless asset transfer between different financial infrastructures. Its ability to transfer value between any financial infrastructure, whether blockchain-based or not, provides interoperability in a fragmented digital asset landscape.

King Yan
from 5-star Product Hunt review

Kima is perfect solution for interoperability of web3, can be added as crosschain functionality to wallets. It will have borrow/lending feature. As well KIMA can be simply implemented in e Commerce.

from 5-star Trustpilot review

Nowadays there are few money transfer protocols which have a high security level. Besides many of them use smart contracts in blockchain technology in spite of their experimental character. So in terms of efficiency, fewer attack vectors I recommend Kima.

from 5-star Product Hunt review
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...Kima operates on a blockchain basis and facilitates cross-chain transactions, reducing financial friction for applications. Kima enables secure and fast cross-border money transfers, thus enhancing financial access. As a Kima investor, I am very excited about the project coming to life.

Enes Castrum
Head of Media & KOL Manager at Castrum Capital

Thrilled to support Kima Network that marks a seismic shift im the global financial landscape, revolutionizing the way we approach and execute money transfers and payments.

Ivan on tech
CEO at Moralis

Nowadays there are few money transfer protocols which have a high security level. Besides many of them use smart contracts in blockchain technology in spite of their experimental character. So in terms of efficiency, fewer attack vectors I recommend Kima.

Joe Parys
Self-made millionaire, leader in e-learning

_$KIMA  _$KIMA  _$KIMA  

_$KIMA  _$KIMA  _$KIMA  

The Kima tokenomics model powers the protocol, enabling robust security, validation rewards and efficient transactions.

  • Network Security
  • Validation rewards
  • Ecosystem building
  • Transaction payments
  • Liquidity provisioning

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The people
behind Kima.

Leadership Team

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Co-founder and COO

Tzahi Kanza

Blockchain innovator since 2013, founder of Titanium Technologies, FutureBlock Ventures, and more. Serial entrepreneur with successful exits, holds diverse law, economics, and business education.

Co-founder and CEO

Eitan Katz

30 years of experience in deep tech companies. Founder of HP’s Innovation Incubator Creator of one of the first prototypes of a cold wallet for Bitcoin.

Co-founder and CTO

Guy Vider

Over 25 years of tech leadership, developing solutions for startups and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Fintech, blockchain, and security industries veteran, an expert in computer science and mathematics.


Tomer Warschauer Nuni

Over 20 years of digital marketing expertise focusing on Web3 since 2017. Serial entrepreneur with successful exits, writer at Forbes and Cointelegraph, and Forbes Business Development Council member.


Bryan Benson

Over 27 years of tech industry leadership. Former Binance LATAM general manager. Institutional digital assets and DeFi professional. Rich background in business development, management, and strategic partnerships.


Wael Shama

Over 10 years of tech and Web3 experience, lead blockchain development for various EU banks, merges entrepreneurial spirit with corporate proficiency.


Dan Scheinmann

Dan Scheinmann CPO, 20 years of experience in financial markets, held various roles with top-tier Investment Banks and Asset Managers, responsible for conceiving and implementing emerging products and platforms at JP Morgan, UBS, Standard Life Investment and most recently Bank Leumi.

Advisory Team

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Amid Yazdi

Product Owner at ANZ, GameFi Influencer, and ChainGPT Pad manager.

Amit Peled

CSO at Pink Moon Studios. Former Product Marketing Specialist at Playtika, a Senior Product Manager at Banx.one, and Head of Product at JETT.

Angus O'Callaghan

Managing Partner at UIST, previously Digital Assets Corporate Development at Deutsche Bank.

Avi Rubin

An ML, Data Science, and algorithms expert. Specializes in sophisticated ML-based financial and trading systems.

Ilan Rakhmanov

CEO & Founder of ChainGPT, proven entrepreneur, MLM & AI expert. Forbes Technology Council member & contributor.

Jeff Nowak

Blockchain Advisor, Maven Capital partner, and Head of Ops at Starfish. Former COO at Umbo, Inc.

Ivan Liljeqvist

Founder and CEO of Moralis Web3 (“Ivan on Tech”), leading blockchain educator and content creator.

Keith Bear

Member of the Bank of England’s CBDC Technology Forum and the Investor Trends and Research Working Group at the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), previously VP of Financial Markets at IBM.

Marcello Mari

Founder & CEO of SingularityDAO. Strategic Web3 Advisor and Mentor at Algorand EU Accelerator. Partner at ARTificial Intelligence by Sophia The Robot.

Mario Nawfal

A serial entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of IBC Group, and ex-advisor at NFTtechnologies.

Michael Amar

Co-Founder of Paris Blockchain Week and General Partner at V3ntures Capital.

Milko Hensel

Head of Digital Partnerships at Maerki Baumann & Co. Private Bank.

Nick van der Kolk

CMO at GT-Protocol, and Managing Partner at SpiderSilk Capital. Former VP of Sales of KuCoin Exchange and former Sales Manager EMEA of HubSpot.

Prof. Brett Hemenway Falk

Research professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He focuses on blockchain, cryptography, coding theory, and network analysis.

Prof. Evgeny Lyandres

Head of the Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Zvika Afik

Specializes in finance, focusing on financial derivatives, risk management, and hedging.

Rita Martins

Head of FinTech Partnerships at HSBC Bank, Speaker at Oxford University.

Shai Sand

Former Product Manager at Apple and Microsoft, and ex-Intel Senior Process Engineer.

Uri Stav

Former Chief Security and Development Officer of Genesis and CDG, is a technology, security, and cryptography professional involved in digital assets, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity since 2009 when Bitcoin first appeared.

Vlad Balaban

Co-Founder & CBDO of GT-Protocol, former COO and Co-founder of Robosoft, and former CEO of ATOM software development.

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